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Changing lives every damn day.

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I'm Quinn, the

Joy Boss

If you're finding that life is serving up far less joy than you want, and way more stress and sorrow than you had in mind, I hear you.

Being a Joy Boss means choosing joy every damn day, including the hardest ones.

It's practicing joy like it's yoga: showing up for glimmers of joy moment by moment.

My joy journey began 15 years ago, when I began to wonder why my own (externally amazing) life brought only dribs and drabs of joy.

I wanted a lot more joy.

I set out to learn about joy: how it works, how we can get more, what dampens joy, and most of all how to get more joy, more of the time.

Over time, I created a series of programs about finding joy in unlikely places.

May they bring you great joy.

Quinn O'Briant, Joy Boss

Quinn O'Briant, MFA, MLA, is the creator of the Joy + Money Mindset, Joyful Entrepreneur, and Joy-Based Business Leader programs. She's a former CEO, two-time author, frequent podcast guest, and a graduate of Stanford University, Emory University, and Goddard College.

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The Joyful Entrepreneur
12-week Program

Have an idea for a business, but not idea what to do next?

Take your business from scratch to launch as Quinn walks you step-by-step through the process of becoming the next CEO. Learn how to:

  • Validate your idea by doing market research the easy way
  • Test ideas until you find one that is likely to bring both joy and money
  • Develop a network of other entrepreneurs
  • Launch your MVP so you don't over-invest in an early idea

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More Joy Programs

Joy in Hard Times Masterclass

When you've been to hell and back, joy can be hard to find.

In this two-hour masterclass, Quinn teaches simple strategies for tapping more joy in the midst of sorrow and change -- and more joy for the better days ahead.

  • What if difficult moments become your own roadmap to cultivating joy?
  • What if the pains of life teach you how to find joy amid loss? They can, if you let them.

In this course, Quinn O'Briant, Joy Boss, shows you how.

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Change Your Life One Money Belief at a Time

Get instant access to Quinn's favorite strategy for shifting beliefs around money. Better beliefs bring you more joy and more money.

Start changing your beliefs, and your life, right now.

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